Through a Glass Darkly – Winter Light & The Silence

I just saw Bergman’s Trilogy:
Through a Glass Darkly (6/10)
Winter Light (10/10)
The Silence (9/10)

The reason I don’t care much for Through a Glass Darkly is because: 1) It suffers from the same problem as The Seventh Seal and some other Bergman films; to much theatre, to little cinema. 2) It was to loosely structured for my taste. 3) It was way to preachy. Now I loved the message at the end but it was hammered in, and not much left for the audience.

The reason I loved Winter Light so much is because the cinematography is stunning, the acting superb and the script is tight. The biggest reason is though most likely the end. I love how open it is and I really agree with (what i think is) the conclusion (that we have to believe to live and that God is with us in our doubts, even though we don’t always see it).

I think Silence is in someways better than Winter Light. The cinematography is one of the greatest ever and I loved all the silent scenes in the film. Bergman tends to use to many words in his films. I always felt that he is strongest when he says less but shows more. The only problem with The Silence is that it is so terribly down beat and (almost) “pointless”. I felt that Bergman wanted to show the other side of Winter Light. What happens if we don’t believe. And the conclusion is horrifying. It feels almost like a horror film. There is no love anywhere, just lust, hatred, jealousy and egoism. It’s not that I demand happy endings but Winter Light has the edge because I’m a romantic at heart. 🙂

I think that the over all conclusion of the three films is: God appears in our love to one another. We have to believe to live, even though it is difficult and we don’t always see or feel Gods presence; otherwise we have no love to give, only jealousy, emptiness and SILENCE.

Well, that’s my thoughts. What’s yours?



  1. It’s been quite a while since I was the trilogy, if I recall correctly I was also most fond of Winter Light. It would be interesting to renew my acquaintance with these films 🙂

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    Sorry 😦

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